Workshop A: Optimising the Post-extraction Site through Atraumatic Tooth Extraction and Socket Grafting/Ridge Preservation

 Aly Virani
 Pynadath George

Clinical and experimental studies have shown that tooth removal inevitably leads to atrophic changes of the alveolar ridge. It is of great clinical importance that post-extraction bone resorption may render difficult or sometimes impossible the subsequent rehabilitation with dental implants. Therefore, preservation of the alveolar bone and architecture of the residual ridge is a major task in implantology. According to current knowledge this can be accomplished in a successful and predictable way by following atraumatic extraction techniques and by treating the post-extraction socket with the use of various bone grafting materials and barrier membranes.

During this workshop young dentists will broaden their knowledge and experience by performing live hands-on atraumatic extractions and regenerative treatment of post-extraction sockets using fresh pig heads. The basic concepts of minimally invasive tooth extraction and management of the post-extraction site will be analysed and presented. Clinical videos will take the participants through the steps of minimally invasive approaches, sectioning and removing in pieces multi-rooted teeth, cleaning and debriding of the sockets, grafting with appropriate bone grafting materials, trimming and applying barrier membranes and finally handling and suturing the soft tissues. Then, each young dentist will have the excellent opportunity to practise these procedures on fresh pig jaws under the valuable supervision of the lecturer and experienced implantologists.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the importance of atraumatic tooth extraction and the rationale of socket grafting
  • To identify the appropriate instruments required for minimally invasive extractions and alveolar ridge preservation procedures
  • To be able to demonstrate the proper method to perform simple and complex tooth extractions without damaging the surrounding soft and hard tissues
  • To know how and why to debride thoroughly the post-extraction site
  • To be aware of the various types of bone grafting material and membrane available for alveolar ridge preservation
  • To perform basic and predictable surgical procedures for socket grafting and placement of membranes
  • To be familiar with the manipulation of the soft tissues and the appropriate specialised suturing techniques
  • To understand the post-operative management instructions and recognise early and late complications