An Overview of Implant Planning: Consultation to Placement

Samantha Pugh

 Samantha Pugh

Successful dental implant treatment relies on a systematic approach to treatment planning. Care must be taken to properly assess and select the patient for this type of treatment to ensure that the treatment will be successful and that the patient’s expectations will be met.

This lecture will aim to provide an overview of all aspects considered in a comprehensive implant assessment. It will enable the general practitioner to perform a good clinical assessment and it will provide the knowledge to assess risks and complications that should be discussed with the patient prior to implant treatment.

If you are keen to provide implant treatment yourself then knowing how to assess and plan a case properly is imperative.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the patient’s social, dental and medical history implications for implant treatment
  • To assess clinical implications including hygiene, soft and hard tissue assessment, site dimension, general dental risks and occlusal issues
  • To understand the importance of radiographic planning and assessment
  • To be able to consent a patient for implant treatment
  • To understand the basic techniques of implant placement