Dental Implant Training: Where, How, Diploma/MSc, Mentoring and the GDC

Pynadath George

 Pynadath George

Implant dentistry is not taught in the undergraduate curriculum. It is advisable that a dentist follows the GDC’s standards as stated: “a UK-qualified dentist would not be expected to be competent to practise implant dentistry without undertaking structured postgraduate training and assessment of competence”. This lecture aims to provide a dentist with the knowledge of where to start learning about dental implants. Budding “Implantologists” will be provided information on what training and support is required to allow a dental surgeon to be deemed competent by the GDC and undertake a career with dental implants. It will specifically cover:

  1. An update of the Training Standards in Implant Dentistry
  2. What environment is appropriate to learn dental implants
  3. The enhanced skills necessary and definition of “competency”
  4. A familiarisation with the courses available
  5. A promotion of a range of high quality education
  6. The important role of a “mentor”
  7. A portfolio of implants

Learning Objectives:

  • To be able to recognise and describe the various skills required for implant dentistry
  • To understand the importance of formal dental implant courses 
  • To be aware of the best learning methods
  • To be aware of what constitutes a good “mentor”
  • To be able to approach and recognise in a clear and logical manner what courses meet GDC standards
  • To be aware of the various GDC statements and guidelines
  • To be aware of the training required for simple, advanced and complex implant cases
  • To know the portfolio needed for implant practice
  • To know how to undertake implant training in a safe and predictable manner
  • To be able to recognise the limitations of their skills and know when and how to improve
  • To be aware of current European developments in implant training.