Peri-implant Soft Tissue Management

Homa H Zadeh

 Homa H Zadeh

Peri-implant bone has been long considered the most critical factor for long-term maintenance of dental implant health. Peri-implant soft tissues have frequently been regarded to be important for aesthetics of implant-supported restorations. However, recent evidence has demonstrated the importance of peri-implant mucosa of adequate quantity and quality to be significant for long-term health of peri-implant tissues, including control of inflammation and stability of bone. Therefore it is important to perform thorough risk assessment prior to implant therapy, with particular consideration of soft tissue volume and quality.

This presentation will review the scientific evidence to substantiate the significance of peri-implant soft tissues. A decision tree will be presented to determine the need for soft tissue augmentation. Various methods of soft tissue augmentation will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the significance of peri-implant soft tissue biotype and keratinised mucosa
  • To be able to decide when soft tissue augmentation is necessary
  • To be aware of various techniques and materials available for peri-implant soft tissue augmentation