Building a Dental Team - Is it Worth the Trouble?

Colin Campbell

 Colin Campbell

During his presentation Colin will discuss the philosophical importance of team training and how it affects an overall organisation in dentistry including the expertise of the team and the morale of the team.

Following this he will discuss various methods and opportunities for team training and how these can be taken forwards in a competency framework in the practice to build a better team and improve patient care.

The use of appraisals and planning of team CPD together with the utilisation of online CPD for team members will be discussed.

Colin hopes this will encourage people to invest more heavily in their teams to improve not only patient care but also the team environment and the enjoyment of dentistry.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand what options there are for dentists and the entire team for training in implant dentistry
  • To be aware of different modalities for training the whole dental team from clinician to practice manager to implant nurse and TCO to receptionist
  • To understand how training can enhance the role of every 'practitioner' in the practice
  • To understand how complete team training for everyone in the dental implant team can benefit the practice spiritually, philosophically and financially