Monitoring and Maintenance of Dental Implants in General Dental Practice - What, When, Why and How?

Ian Dunn

 Ian Dunn

Even if you are not placing dental implants or work in an implant practice increasing number of dentists are seeing patients with implants already placed elsewhere. This lecture will address the subtle differences in periodontal anatomy and peri-implant anatomy and how they may affect the monitoring and maintenance of dental implants in general practice.

We will then look at protocols for the screening and monitoring of dental implants and explain why it is a crucial part of a routine dental examination.

We will look at some of the misconceptions around probing implants and the equipment required and make realistic suggestions that can be taken back to practice.

We will revise the features of the common peri-implant diseases that should trigger a clinical intervention. 

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the differences in peri-implant and periodontal tissues
  • To be confident to screen and monitor dental implants as part of the routine dental examination
  • To be able to take a protocol back to practice for screening peri-implant tissues
  • To know the features of the common diseases to allow a diagnosis to be made about common peri-implant issues.