Treatment Planning for Patients – A Novel Concept

Martyn Amsel

 Martyn Amsel

In my experience of 43 years as a general dental practitioner I have always found the most important and interesting part to be the treatment planning for our patients. This not only requires knowledge of our subject but also an understanding of human interaction and emotions with ultimately good communication skills.

These skills are not usually taught as an undergraduate and are acquired through experience and training during our careers.

Implants is now part of regular treatment considerations for missing teeth, but is it always appropriate?

Initial discussion will be on the decision making process and evidenced based treatment planning and basic communication skills.

I will go on to discuss in an innovative way how a treatment planning modality based on The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People by Steven Covey can be used for ALL treatment planning with our patients in a general way.

I will then consider treatment options and modalities looking at maximising clinical success with implant restorations in mind.

This will include looking at all the pieces in the jigsaw of treatment that have to come together in order to achieve success or at least the most predictable result.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the importance of communication in treatment planning
  • How to look at the alternatives
  • How to make the decisions and who makes them
  • To be able to use the 7 Habits of Successful People as a model for treatment planning
  • To be able to assess the jigsaw pieces required for maximising success when using implants
  • To understand the importance of maintenance in the process