ADI Team Congress 2-4 March 2017
ADI Team Congress 2-4 March 2017

ADI Team Congress 2017



Poster 1
To assess the effectiveness of instruction methods given to novice dentists for the placement of dental implants in the ideal 3D position
Presenter: Abdul Osman

Poster 2
Complications surrounding Dental Implant placement following Radiotherapy in Oral Cancer Treatment - A Literature Review
Presenter: Amarjit Landa

Poster 3
The microbiology of peri-implantitis: Similar or distinct to periodontitis?
Presenter: Aneel Jabbar

Poster 4
The concept of Shared Decision Making (SDM) in healthcare in general, and dental care in particular
Presenter: David J Lee

Poster 5
Dentist education and awareness of implant care for elderly patients in Community Dental Services
Presenter: David Stone

Poster 6
A dental abutment providing customised angular connection 0-36 degrees
Presenter: W Duncan Robertson

Poster 7
GBR using a novel PLGA synthetic membrane before implant placement: A case report
Presenter: Alain Hoornaert

Poster 8
A multi-centric observational clinicial study using TISSEOS® resorbable synthetic membrane
Presenter: Alain Hoornaert

Poster 9
Intrabony piezoelectric stimulation enhance bone growth and density during healing and osseointegration of DMLF surfaces
Presenter: Luca Di Alberti

Poster 10
Marginal bone resorption after prosthetic loading of 580 implants inserted with USIP and the traditional technique. A 60 months follow up single blinded controlled study
Presenter: Hamera Hussain

Poster 11
Immediate loading in diabetic patients. 10 years follow up prospective clinical study
Dovile Vankeviciute

Poster 12
A retrospective investigation on the long-term survival rate of maxillary sinus grafting with simultaneous implant placement within primary dental care
Presenter: Nishant Yadev

Poster 13
Management of a fractured locator abutment screw – a case report
Presenter: Noel Perkins

Poster 14
Management of an unusual case of foreign bodies in the palate – a case report
Presenter: Noel Perkins

Poster 15
Management of a vegetarian patient – use of a novel synthetic bone substitute for bone augmentation
Presenter: Noel Perkins

Poster 16
The use of an option grid to present the treatment modalities for replacing missing teeth in the anterior regions
Presenter: Noor Al-Hadi

Poster 17
Literature review of interventions for peri-implantitis
Presenter: Sinead McEnhill

Poster 18
RFA assessment of implant stability during healing phase in two-piece zirconium dioxide implants
Vladimir Kokovic


Posters will be displayed in the ICC Capital Hall as per the following timetable:

Thursday 2 March 12:00 - 17:00
Posters 1 - 9

Thursday 2 March 17:00 - 19:00
Poster 10 - 18

Friday 3 March 08:00 - 13:00
Posters 1 - 9

Friday 3 March 13:00 - 17:30
Posters 10 - 18

Saturday 4 March 08:00 - 10:45
Posters 10 - 18

Saturday 4 March 10:45 - 12:30
Posters 1 - 9

What to expect

Engaging Lectures
An inspirational learning experience for all members of the dental team.
World Class Speakers
Presentations from highly respected speakers in the worldwide dental implant profession.
Corporate Forums
Providing a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments from leading companies in the dental implant market.
Major Exhibition
An array of industry leaders demonstrating their cutting edge innovations and technologies.
Exciting Social Events
Includes our renowned ADI Congress Dinner - relax and enjoy a fantastic evening at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
New for 2017
Students’ Programme featuring hands-on workshops, session for dentists new to dental implantology, informative lecture for the general public
Get a Global Perspective on Dental Implantology
Fill in the evaluation and obtain your CPD certificate

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