Steven Campbell

 Steven Campbell

Steven Campbell is a registered dental technician with over 23 years’ experience. Steve is passionate about introducing the latest technologies and CAD/CAM solutions, particularly within the field of implant restorations where he is involved in many development programmes. Steve presents on behalf of various companies and associations on the unique solutions that CAD/CAM and digital workflows allow both the technical and surgical team to deliver better and more consistent results on behalf of their patients.

Although an advocate of adopting technology to benefit the patient, Steve is a firm believer in the essential human elements that deliver the high quality, consistency and peace of mind offered to the public through the UK system of a registered and highly skilled dental team. Steve is keen to emphasise the point that CAD/CAM is simply a tool, and the really important factor is always the team members’ skill in using it.

Because of this, Steve has been fortunate enough to serve on many organisations that seek to provide their members with the latest information and support, and ensure we maintain the high standards that set apart Great British Dentistry.

Steve holds the following positions: Managing Director - Nexus Dental Laboratory; President - Dental Laboratories Association; Technical Representative - Association of Dental Implantology.

Qualifications: RDT