ADI Team Congress 2-4 March 2017
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ADI Team Congress 2-4 March 2017

ADI Team Congress 2017


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Simplifying Complex Treatments, Maximising Biological Architecture with Advanced Implants

Southern Implants is proud to present a series of lectures:

Hugo de Bruyn: Patients want immediate results, creating a demand for immediate loading solutions. Subcrestal vs supracrestal angle correction will be compared based on prospective clinical studies at Ghent University.

Par-Olov Ostman: Soft tissue maintenance has always been a concern with anterior implants. Implant innovations have aided in minimising this concern. The advantages of sub-crestal implant angulation will be discussed. 

Graham Blackbeard: Many applications can be addressed with standard implant designs, but advanced protocols such as immediate placement and loading are often better addressed with site-specific implants that can reduce treatment complexity, time and cost.


Hugo de Bruyn

10:00 – 10:40
Optimising Full Arch Restoration
Hugo de Bruyn • Belgium

Par-Olov Ostman

10:40 – 11:20
Managing Mid facial Soft Tissue around Implants in the Aesthetic Zone
Par-Olov Ostman • Sweden

Graham Blackbeard

11:20 – 12:00
Site Specific Implants
Graham Blackbeard • South Africa


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