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Exhibition: Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions
Exhibitor - means the company body or organisation that has been allocated space in the Exhibition and any employee or agent of such a company, body or person.

Organiser - means The Association of Dental Implantology and its employees.

Premises - means the Exhibition venue.

Application for stand space
The Application for Exhibition stand space must be made by completing the official stand application form. The Exhibition Contract must include a binding signature of the applicant and payment in full within 30 days of making the application. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any application without stating any reason.

Note that any companies organising lectures at a London venue which coincide with any of the Congress lectures (including the corporate forums) will not be allowed to participate in the Congress Exhibition. Exhibitors may, however, present lectures on their stands during the scheduled catering breaks (see below for additional information).

The submission of the stand application and the subsequent booking confirmation from the Organiser constitutes the legally binding Exhibition Contract between the Exhibitor and the Organiser in acceptance and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Exhibition manual.

Payment for stand space
Full payment must be provided together with the signed contract within 30 days of making the application. If after 30 days the contract and payment have not been received the stand will be released.

Cancellation or reduction of stand space
If, after the allocation of a stand to an Exhibitor, such Exhibitor shall desire to cancel or reduce the stand, the Organiser will endeavour to re-let the stand, but if they are unable to do so, the Exhibitor shall remain liable to pay the full charge for the stand.

Occupancy of stand space for build-up
The Exhibitor, agents, employees and contractors may enter the Exhibition area for the purpose of erecting and preparing exhibits during the build-up day as follows:

Wednesday 1 March

Space Only
Shell Stand

All stand construction and dressing must be completed by 2200 on Wednesday 1 March, ready for the Exhibition opening of 1200 on Thursday 2 March.

In the event of an Exhibitor failing to take possession of their allocated stand by 2200 on Wednesday 1 March the payment for stand space shall be forfeited by the Exhibitor. In the event of non-payment of the full stand fee, the Organiser shall have the right to refuse to permit the Exhibitor to occupy or use the stand until all sums due to the Organiser have been paid.

Exhibition opening times

Thursday 2 March
Friday 3 March
Saturday 4 March

Stands must be open for viewing and staffed during these hours.

The Organiser’s tenancy of Capital Hall terminates at 2000 on Saturday 4 March and the Exhibitor shall remove by this time all exhibits, displays, stand fittings, materials and any other items brought to Capital Hall by the Exhibitor. The removal of any materials or exhibits and the dismantling of any stands cannot commence before the official Exhibition break-down, i.e. not before 1300 on Saturday 4 March due to the ExCeL London rules and regulations. Any costs incurred by the Organiser relating to the wear and tear to the fabric of the building, or removal of statutory fire equipment that is directly attributable to an Exhibitor or his agents shall be paid by the Exhibitor to the Organiser on demand.

Packing cases
Packing cases and boxes must not be left visible on stands, nor can they or any other article be placed or stored in gangways at any time during the build-up period, or during Exhibition open hours or overnight. Any costs incurred by the Organiser in removing or storing items and cleaning gangways shall be paid by the Exhibitor to the Organiser on demand.

Incombustible material only shall be used in the construction of display units and all materials must be flame proofed in accordance with local authority regulations. For shell stands, no structure or display provided by an Exhibitor may exceed 2.4 metres in height to accord with the height of the shell stand. For space-only stands, no structure or display provided by an Exhibitor may exceed 4 metres in height to accord with the height of the space-only stand. No fascia, partition, structure, board or sign may be erected which the Organiser considers will dominate, screen or obscure the view of other stands or which will exceed the allocated boundaries of a stand.

Detailed plans of the Exhibition space-only stands including 3-D technical plan drawing, method statement and risk assessment must be submitted to the Organiser for approval no later than Friday 2 December 2016. Exhibitors shall not interfere with the viewing arrangements by canvassing or waylaying buyers in the gangways, lobbies, or any other public parts of the Exhibition and taking them direct to their own stand, nor hand out literature or samples other than strictly within the confines of their own stand. Any Exhibitor deliberately ignoring this rule will be warned by the Organiser and should complaints be received, the Exhibitor will be liable to the stand being closed without any redress from the Organiser.

Postponement or abandonment
In the event of the Exhibition being postponed or abandoned due to war or fire or to any other cause whatsoever, the Organiser shall not be under any liability whatsoever in respect of expenditure, or liability of loss incurred by the Exhibitors and shall be entitled to retain all sums paid by the Exhibitors under these regulations. The Organiser shall not be liable for any loss which Exhibitors may sustain by reason of the local, or other competent Authority intervening and preventing or restricting the use of any portion of the Exhibition or any premises thereon or any part thereof in any manner.

Security and insurance
Each Exhibitor is responsible for the security of their own stand, samples, exhibits, and for their own insurance cover. In no circumstances will the Landlord of the Premises or the Organiser accept responsibility or be liable for any loss whatsoever. It follows that Exhibitors are required to effect appropriate insurance for build-up/breakdown days in addition to the Exhibition open days.

Lighting and water services
In no circumstances may the Exhibitors interfere in any way with electric lighting or water services in the building. Any alterations or additions or adjustments required must be referred to the Organiser for its approval and handled by the Organiser's appointed electrical and water engineers.

Noise Levels
The organiser reserves the right to ask an Exhibitor to reduce the noise levels from amplified sound on their stand if this is inconveniencing other Exhibitors or delegates. If the issue is not rectified, the organiser reserves the right to ask the Exhibitor to switch off the amplified sound.

Lectures/presentations on stands
Exhibitors may present lectures or give presentations on their stands during the scheduled catering breaks. Any Exhibitor wishing to do so is requested to submit full details of the lectures/presentations including timings to the Organiser before Friday 2 December 2016 for approval. The safety of delegates requiring access through the gangways must not be compromised and crowd control must be managed appropriately by the Exhibitor. ADI reserves the right to stop a lecture/presentation if in its view the lecture/presentation is proving disruptive to the Exhibition.

Health and Safety
All Exhibitors must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and any regulations made thereunder.

The Exhibitor shall keep the Organiser indemnified in respect of (a) any loss of damage to any property of the Organiser, (b) all claims and demands of third parties (including servant and agents, other Exhibitors and their servants or agents, and members of the public) in respect of personal injuries or loss or damage to property arising out of or in consequence of his occupation of a stand or Exhibition of any article, process or thing. The Exhibitor shall make good any damage done by him, his servants or agents to the Premises or any furniture or fixtures therein and damage caused by fire upon his site.

Regulations of the premises
Exhibitors must at all times and in all circumstances comply with the ExCeL London rules and regulations in force at the time of the Exhibition (details will be available online in the Exhibition Manual Summer 2016).

Exhibitors must be aware that the ExCeL London, its contractor(s), or franchisees(s) have sole rights for the sale or distribution of any article of food, drink or tobacco.

Discretionary power of Organiser
The Organiser undertakes to give its fullest sympathetic consideration to the interests of the Exhibitors. The Organiser reserves the right to alter, add or amend any of the conditions in the interest of the Exhibition. Should any questions arise, whether provided for in these conditions or not, the decision of the Organiser shall be final.