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Congress 2011
Reports on the ADI Team Congress 2011
Thursday 14 - Friday 15 April
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Petersfield, Manchester M2 3GX

Oral harmony: a systematic way to success
Speaker: Mr Oliver Brix MDT – Germany

Reported by Larry Browne

Mr Oliver Brix
Oliver Brix was a welcome speaker at the ADI Congress and showed his commitment to excellence with wonderful cases of aesthetic restoration with all ceramic modern materials.  Oliver explained his drive to produce, within his Laboratory in Weisbaden Germany, all ceramic restorations without any metal and has achieved this in the past few years using a combination of CAD-CAM materials and designs and Pressable Dysilicate Glass ceramic.

He has recently opened his teaching facility and has become recognised as the master of all ceramic restorations. Oliver explained that a complete understanding and knowledge of these modern materials is fundamental to their successful use. He clearly demonstrated the natural and lifelike reproductions in harmony with his patients needs and in keeping with his clinician’s requirements. His simple philosophy of copying nature, but with a master’s eye for observation, produced remarkable replacement teeth for each of the cases shown.  Great natural harmony with the soft tissues, with perfect emergence and profile made each and every restoration look like it had always been in situ as if created by nature itself.

A full understanding of the patient was essential to the process of a completed restoration. Studying the face and lips, balancing the eye line with the natural smile were all part of the ultimate result. After many years Oliver has arrived at his pathway for success.

All cases begin with good discussion with the clinician and the patient (if possible), then to diagnostic wax up which is the basis for chairside provisionalisation and for demonstrating to the patient the possibilities and a glimpse of the final outcome, right at the beginning. The clinician, patient and technician will have a clear understanding of the desired result and will work together towards realising the final restoration. Preparation of the natural teeth or the placement of implants will be driven by the diagnostic wax-up and the provisional restorations. Treatment planning, done correctly, is the essence of predictable and successful outcomes for the patient and is something on which Oliver will not compromise. All his clinical colleagues are more than happy to commit to this step-by-step predictable method. The results speak for themselves with beautiful restorations, happy and confident patients.

Oliver has recently opened his teaching facility in Weisbaden and in true committed style teaches technicians and clinicians his philosophy of teamwork, mutual communication and planning. Oliver is a very talented technician who has worked hard to develop a real understanding with his clinical colleagues and is convinced that the acceptance of “Backward Planning” is the essential method to allow all parties to know and agree to the final restoration at the beginning of the process.   

Nothing new you may say, but of course the commitment and integrity of the process is the basis for success.  All parties believe and commit to the clear guidelines and work together to fulfill the patients needs and wants.   And in the hands of a gifted and dedicated operator like Oliver Brix a wonderful final outcome is guaranteed.

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