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Congress 2011
Reports on the ADI Team Congress 2011
Thursday 14 - Friday 15 April
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Petersfield, Manchester M2 3GX

Workshop No 1: Asepsis for dental implants: the practical
Speakers: Helen McVicker & Gemma Nicholl

Reviewed by Gemma Nicholl

Helen McVicar
The practical aspect of the aseptic seminar went well. It consisted of a demonstration of tips and techniques for preparing the surgery and the patient for implant placement. The audience were given the option of participating to give the experience of gowning up and laying out of instruments. The aim was to keep it as much fun as possible.  Due to the popularity of the nurses programme, there were more delegates than were anticipated. A video was played on a screen in the background to maximise learning potential. This was followed by a questions and answers session.

Workshop No 2: Advanced surgical techniques, instruments & preparation