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Congress 2011
Reports on the ADI Team Congress 2011
Thursday 14 - Friday 15 April
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Petersfield, Manchester M2 3GX

Asepsis for dental implants: the theory
Speakers: Helen McVicker & Gemma Nicholl

Reported by Kara Moody

Helen McVicar
To open the afternoon session for the nurses’ programme Helen McVicker and Gemma Nichol took to the stage to introduce to us the theory side of asepsis control.

The lecture started with definitions of words such as asepsis, sterile, and antiseptic that we take for granted in our working environment every day. This was very refreshing to hear, as it was a reminder as to why we do what we do.

It was good to compare our asepsis techniques in our practice and to hear what we have to do to keep to the HTM0105 recommendations.

I found it very informative watching the demonstration of how to perform a surgical scrub and how to use the runner nurse to help with donning PPE and also to see the step-by-step guide to don your sterile gloves.

There were some handy tips on how to weight the suction so to keep sterility, also a good reminder of how to keep hands in the sterile zone when working.
The presentation was very informative and clear, I found it reassuring to know that the way we practice asepsis in our surgery was to the standard of the techniques demonstrated.

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