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Congress 2011
Reports on the ADI Team Congress 2011
Thursday 14 - Friday 15 April
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Petersfield, Manchester M2 3GX

Sinus lifts
Speaker: Kara Moody

Reported by Louise Fletcher

Kara Moody
Kara Moody chose to present on a personally fascinating topic; ‘Sinus lifts’. Kara’s presentation was outstanding. She had captured her audience immediately with her excellent knowledge of what the sinuses are and why sinus augmentation would be required.

We were shown excellent slides of the anatomy of the sinus area.

Kara discussed in excellent detail 2 different types of sinus augmentation that are carried out, lateral sinus augmentation and internal sinus augmentation. The advantages and disadvantages were described in great detail, with Kara leading on to an overview of both procedures. At this point we were shown periapical radiographs of an upper premolar region, which had 4mm of bone present, she then explained how the implant was placed simultaneously with the sinus augmentation.

She also showed photographs of a typical tray set up for a sinus procedure, and then described what each instrument was for – which I am sure nurses who are not familiar with this type of procedure would have found hugely beneficial.

We were also given a run through of pre and post op instructions and medications given to the patient, which was very interesting to see how other practitioners vary in this area.

Kara also presented CT scanning and explained thoroughly the benefits of this technology when planning for sinus augmentations.

Kara delivered an outstanding presentation, she was very confident and her wealth of knowledge shone throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed Kara’s presentation and I know my colleagues also found it very informative

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