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Congress 2011
Reports on the ADI Team Congress 2011
Thursday 14 - Friday 15 April
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Petersfield, Manchester M2 3GX

The team approach to implant dentistry: a blueprint for success
Speaker: Anita Daniels

Reported by Jennifer White

Anita Daniels
The morning session was aimed at all members of the dental team. The main point, for me, that was highlighted, was the importance of listening to the patients’ views and concerns regarding their initial problems and what their motivation for change is: pain? function? appearance? and comprehensively tailoring our treatment to meet the patients end goals.

As a team we must all be aware and confident in discussing treatment sequences, alongside the individual components, to provide reassurance and positive reinforcement of the treatment plan to the patient.

It is so important to be as up-to-date as possible in the ever changing world of implants and two of the recent items to be aware of are:

1) Smoking: No longer a barrier to implant placement, but it is still accepted that problems can occur with soft tissue health and healing after treatment.

2) I.V Bisphosphonates: These can have an impact on the decision to go ahead with implant therapy or not.  The risk level is dependent on dosage and length of time the patient has been taking them.

Understanding the significance of oral care routine change in a patients’ daily life, following implants should not be underestimated.  Some patients will be going from simply taking their full dentures out at night, to a time consuming OH regime, so our patience and support is invaluable in this area.

Lastly, Anita impressed upon us how proud we should be to be involved in the fast moving arena of implant dentistry. Only 20 years ago it was a new, experimental technique. Whereas today it is considered the reliable and accepted treatment of choice for tooth replacement - not a long time to change the face of dentistry!

So a huge thank you to Anita for an interesting, forward thinking and enjoyable lecture, I look forward to many more.

The role of the dental hygienist in implant treatment