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Practice Managers' Programme - Thursday Afternoon


Moderator: Dr Koray Feran, ADI Committee

DownMr Ashley Latter - UK

Ashley Latter

Ashley Latter is now one of the most sought after speakers and coaches on the UK dental scene. Over the last 10 years, over 4,600 delegates have taken Ashley’s Ethical Sales & Communication Courses and he specialises in partnering with forward thinking Dental and Orthodontic Practices to improve the performance of the dentists and their teams, which leads to improved business results and bottom line results.

He specialises in delivering the Ethical Sales & Communication Programme, Creating a World Class Patient Journey, Creating a High Performance Team and also works with a very forward group of dentists and Orthodontists on the Serious Players Club, which is an Entrepreneur group. During the last 5 years Ashley has spoken at most of the major conferences in the UK and these include the BDA Conference in 2005, B.A.C.D. in 2005, W.A A.C in 2006/2008, Better Practice in 2007 and British Orthodontic Conferences in 2006 and 2007 and the ADI Conference in 2007.

This year he is delivering Talking points in May 2009 to 12 venues all over the UK. Ashley has also written a book called ‘Helping Patients to say YES’ which was launched in the summer of 2007 and has featured in over 100 articles in various Dental Magazines.

Ashley delivers over 150 workshops a year and typically spends 80 nights a year travelling. When he is not working he lives in Manchester with his wife Graziella and his two children Enrica and Martina. He enjoys walking, keeping fit and spending quality time with his family.

RightRinging the changes: turn every patient enquiry into an appointment

In a downtime economy every enquiry into your practice is like gold dust and dental practices need to ensure that every enquiry that comes into your practice about your services is treated correctly and ultimately into appointments and eventually clients. Many practices I speak to don't even measure where their leads come from and what part of their marketing is working the best for them. Practices up and down the country are missing out on thousands of pounds worth of opportunities every day.

With this in mind, I have put together a presentation that will address these issues.
Learning Objectives:

  • Creating a memorable first impression on the telephone
  • Understand the Ethical Sales Approach and ensure that you speak the language of benefits
  • Develop outstanding questioning techniques
  • Talk about money more easily
  • Develop a practice telephone protocol
  • Develop a winning attitude
  • Develop outstanding communication skills
  • Stand out from the crowd and turn enquiries into appointments
  • Put a measuring system in place within your practice 


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