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Hygienists' and Therapists' Programme - Thursday Afternoon


Moderator: Dr Adrian Binney, ADI Committee

DownMs Anita H Daniels RDH - USA

Anita Daniels

Anita Daniels is a registered dental hygienist with clinical experience in periodontics and implant dentistry. She has lectured extensively internationally and throughout the United States on periodontics and all aspects of implant dentistry. 

Ms. Daniels served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Practical Hygiene (Montage Media Corporation) until 2006. She also served as a consultant to the dental industry, applying her technique, educational, podium and writing expertise to enhance her clients’ educational approach. She has developed educational curricula for dental, dental hygiene, dental assistant and implant coordinator audiences.

Ms. Daniels is an Adjunct Clinical Instructor at the University of Miami, Department of Dental Implants, School of Medicine. She is the first dental hygienist to be granted Active Member status in the Academy of Osseointegration, and is actively involved in other professional dental hygiene organizations.  Ms. Daniels has written numerous articles for dental and dental hygiene publications. She currently serves as Director of Professional Communications for BIOMET 3i, where she is Editor of the Journal of Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry, a BIOMET 3i Publication.

RightThe role of the dental hygienist in implant treatment

As integral members of the dental implant team, dental hygienists play a unique role in their ability to develop a rapport and trusting relationship with their patients. These patients are more apt to accept therapeutic change and consent to elective procedures such as oral reconstructions with implant-supported prostheses.

Dental hygienists should be knowledgeable of the modality of treatment and treatment sequencing for implant therapy so they can educate their patients about this treatment option. This programme will guide participants through the implant treatment process including identifying potential candidates for implant therapy, through a review of new techniques and technologies, which afford the opportunity for shorter treatment times—through follow-up care and maintenance during the various stages of the implant treatment process. 

Programme Outline:

  1. Identification of Potential Implant Candidates
  2. Treatment Sequencing
    1. Treatment Planning Phase
      1. Data Collection and Diagnosis
      2. Pre-Treatment Therapy--Soft Tissue Management and Case Presentations
    2. Surgical Phase
      1. Implant Placement—Post Op Follow-Up
      2. Single Stage Approach vs. Two-Stage Procedures
    3. Restorative Phase
      1. Communication between restorative and surgical offices and the dental laboratory
      2. Abutment Selection Criteria
      3. Impression Procedures—A Hands-On Workshop
      4. Final Delivery and Self-Care Instructions
    4. Maintenance Phase
      1. Patient Follow-up Care and Maintenance of Soft Tissue Health
      2. Professional Recare Protocol
      3. Patient Assessment Parameters to Ensure Long Term Success and Patient Satisfaction


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