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Socket Preservation / Ridge Preservation

A Hands-On Masterclass by Dr. Karl-Ludwig Ackermann, Germany

What is the current thinking regarding “Conservative Socket Preservation”?
What are the techniques for Atraumatic extraction?
How can I reduce the complexity of a later implant or bridge treatment plan?
What techniques should I be performing to best manage the soft tissue?

Twenty UK practitioners will have the unique opportunity to “Develop their skills,” both theoretical and practical, in the company of International Opinion Leader, Dr. Karl-Ludwig Ackermann and Geistlich Biomaterials, the Leaders in Dental Bone and Tissue Regeneration.

  1. Socket Preservation
    • Atraumatic extraction
    • Socket preparation
    • Protocol for application of Biomaterials within the fresh socket
    • Socket sealing: - Connective tissue harvesting - Connective tissue transplant and fixation
  2. Ridge Preservation • Buccal fenestration and/or dehiscence • Protocol for Membrane application
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham
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0845 -1300
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£195 +VAT, to include Coffee, Lunch and all Hands-On materials & instrumentation.