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Friday 8 May - Dental Technicians Programme - Hall 9

0800 Coffee and Croissants - Technical Exhibition
0915 A Journey through CAD CAM Technology

Moderator : Larry Browne, ADI Technician Representive
0915 Welcome and introduction
0930 Procera by Nobel Biocare
presented by: Hans Geiselhöringer Dental Technician, Germany

Now very well established as a third party provider of computer designed restorations. Certainly the longest pedigree and could claim to be the creator of the whole world-wide CAD CAM market. Like all the major systems innovation and improvementcontinues and it will be interesting to see where the Company think they are in relation to the other, more recent, rivals in the market place.
1100 Coffee - Technical Exhibition
1130 Lava (TM) by 3M
presented by: Jamie Newlands, Clinician, Glasgow, UK,
                     Ian Taylor, Dental Technician, Tamworth, UK

Having established their service centres to cover the whole of the country it is clear that 3M are riding on the back of a confident expansion programme and aiming at the quality end of the market. Well researched and marketed it will be sure to be a favourite of many interested parties. Is this the one for you? Certain to be well represented with interesting speakers.
1300 Buffet Lunch - Technical Exhibition
1400 In-lab by Sirona
presented by : Mark Oborn, Dental Technician, UK

Many technicians interested in the CAD CAM market like the idea of being in control of the milling and fritting. In-Lab offers this "in house" package and have a tremendous pedigree, with many installations across the country and world wide. As part of the Sirona CAD CAM program, which includes the clinicallly successful Cerec system, there is a wealth of clinical and technical knowledge to call on.
1530 Tea - Technical Exhibition
1600 etkon by Straumann
presented by : James Green, Clinician, UK

Within a really short time span etkon by Straumann has risen to be a front runner in the third party CAD CAM market. The companies success in Germany, the most sophisticated European market, has been startling and its continued growth will no doubt attract many new users. Heavily committed to the quality end of the market but with a real interest in the laboratory support programme. They run a 10 hour a day telephone support for users.

The full day programme is structured for everybody with an interest in CAD CAM technology for dentistry. CAD CAM is undoubtedly the most influential impact on the dental market for many years. Those of us involved in its day-to-day use fully understand the profound effect it is having on our thinking and our working lives.

Historically, we have had a heavy dependence on many very old and established skills, such as the lost wax process for casting. Indeed dental technicians can rightly claim to be the world leaders in this skill. However it does seem as if we are now seeing the eventual end of this traditional method of producing metal restorations.

The computer guided technology does seem capable of answering almost any questions about the future manufacture of individualised restorations for our patients. There are of course several hurdles we need to overcome in the marketplace before we fully embrace this wonderfully exciting innovation.
For many the inherent financial investment is daunting as is the prospect of the technology being superceded, just as soon as you have invested your hard earned money!

This CAD CAM day has been introduced to the Congress by Larry Browne, who has spent the past few years involved with these various systems. He has invested, 'perhaps more than he should have done', in finding out which system offers the best balance and service for the present and for the future.

Larry has experience of each of the systems which are presented on this day. He believes that they offer the widest possible choice to the interested laboratory owner. If you want to know which is the system for you then this programme must be a worthwhile use of your time. You will undoubtedly see impressive examples of cases and constructions and be able to ask questions directly to the speakers and the company representatives on the exhibition stands.

This is not just a day of lectures but a real chance to find out what you need to know about this much heralded science. Come with your questions and come with your problems.

This is a real chance to find out all you need to know about CAD CAM technology and its place in your working life.


Dental technicians play a huge role in the success of dental implant treatment.

The dental laboratory working with implants must continue to invest in keeping abreast of scientific and technical advances.

Since July, GDC regulation requires all dental technicians to be listed on their statutory register. This means maintaining verifiable CPD.

ADI membership can help the laboratory in many ways. Over 100 labs currently registered have experienced these benefits.

ADI technician membership applies to the whole laboratory - one 'principle' becomes the contact member. Everybody else in the lab is eligible to enjoy all member benefits, whether it's one, five or twenty additional people.

The 2009 Congress technicians' programme has been carefully structured for active laboratories to attend the full day Plenary sessions on Thursday (hear Juergen Mehrhof from Berlin's latest thoughts on the 'dynamics of nature in oral implantology’), raise your questions on CAD CAM technology on Friday and choose from the variety of specialised workshops and masterclasses on Saturday.

Join over 1,000 fellow technicians, clinicians and implant team professionals for three days and gain at least 16 hours CPD.


Hans Geiselhöringer ZTM Hans Geiselhöringer ZTM

Hans Geiselhöringer, trained to become a dental technician in Germany. He completed his training to qualify as a CDT (Certified Dental Technician) in Chicago, USA in 1991. This was followed in 1991 and 1992 by further training in New York, USA focusing mainly on anaplastology/epithetics.

He trained to become a technical business administrator, completing the course in 1994. After this, he took up the posts of business manager and laboratory manager concentrating on implantology and ceramics until 1998 when he began working on an independent basis with the company that he founded, Dental X � GmbH & Co. KG, a laboratory specializing in implantology, anaplastology and functional and aesthetic reconstructions, in Munich. Hans Geiselhöringer was managing director of the foundation for media culture from 1995 to 2002. He is a member of the DGÄZ, DGOI, ICOI, IPS and IWC.

Jamie Newlands BDS Glas LFHom RCH Glas Jamie Newlands BDS Glas LFHom RCH Glas

Jamie Newlands graduated from Glasgow Dental Hospital in 2001. Shortly afterwards he developed a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry using all ceramic and composite resin techniques. In 2003 he graduated with L.F.Hom R.C.H. from the Royal College of Homeopathy.

In 2005 Dr Newlands took on Cerec 3D and having undergone training in Harley street and the USA he went onto start teaching Cerec 3D. Jamie has had clinical and research articles published both nationally and internationally. In 2007 he became Clinical Director of the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow's Charing Cross. On top of this he has recently started an MSc in primary dental care with a specialist interest in restorative dentistry.

Mark Oborn MDTA LBIDST Dip Mgmt (Open) Mark Oborn MDTA LBIDST Dip Mgmt (Open)

Mark Oborn is an accomplished speaker and runs a dental laboratory in the West End of london specialising in implants and cosmetic cases. He introduced CAD CAM in to his laboratory 4 years ago by purchasing the inLab system.

Since then he has completed over 5000 units gaining a huge amount of experience with the system. He is currently the only Sirona Certified inLab trainer in the UK, and is one of only a handful of carefully selected Beta testers for the system worldwide. In a search for efficiency and effectiveness he continues to push the system to its limit, seeking to incorporate CAD CAM technology in to every facet of his business.

James Green BDS James Green BDS

James Green qualified from Newcastle Dental School in 1990.

He has spent the last 17 years developing an expertise in complex restorative and aesthetic cases, as well as routine dental treatments. For many years James ran his own practice in Covent Garden, London and moves to D3 from Diamond House, Oxford, where he has been based for the last three years. James has experience in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, is a member of the British Dental Society, and underpins his commitment to the use of new and developing techniques through a continuous programme of education and training.

Ian Taylor CDT Ian Taylor CDT

Ian Taylor is a partner and director of Castle Ceramics a Private Dental Lab in Tamworth Staffordshire where the laboratory's 25 seat lecture room plays regularly host prominent speakers to share tips, techniques and tricks that lead to more enjoyable work and to achieving outstanding predictable outcomes for patients.

Ian is a Past Chairman of the Dental Laboratories Association (DLA) and chair of their materials and technical quality committee for 5 years. Ian has had articles published in the BDA magazine, DLA Journal, and Quintessence Journals on digitised dental technology and other new innovations. Ian is a full member of the British Association of Cosmetic Dentistry, (BACD) and has passed the written assessment on the way to full accreditation of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).