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Thursday 7 May - Dental Implant Team Combined Programme

0800 Registration in Hall 1 Foyer - Coffee and Croissants - Technical Exhibition
0915 All team attendees are invited to Hall 1 for the opening plenary
1030 Coffee break 1300-1400 Buffet Lunch 1530-1600 Tea break
Hall 4 Moderator : Claire Crabb, RDN
1100 -
Building Blocks for a Dental Implant Practice - Solid Foundations
Tracey Lennemann, USA, Carole Brennan, UK

This combined programme has been structured to provide implant education specifically for the entire dental implant team at all levels of experience:- hygienist, nurse, practice manager and receptionist.

The course will

  • review various aspects of practice management and team involvement
  • increase understanding of aspects of communication and how choices are made
  • enable personality types to be discovered and how this relates to the team

Have you ever wondered why some people are highly motivated and some are not?

Why some of your patients have perfect compliance but others not?

Perhaps you used to be motivated but now are in a phase that nothing is quite as fun, exciting or fulfilling as it used to be?

Has your profession turned into just a job?

Everyday in our lives, communication plays an essential role. What we say, how we say it, the body language we use and what we think, affects the outcome of the conversations we have.

A successful dental implant practice includes a team-based communication system and a fully functioning, profitable dental hygiene department that incorporates the latest clinical concepts. Different components such as; office management, employee management, patient management, marketing and clinical skill management are essential for a high quality, up-to-date dental practice.

The entire Dental Team plays the most important role in implementation of these aspects.

This fun, entertaining and thought provoking presentation for the entire dental team, will challenge you to think about the various aspects of a successful implant practice, to creating a solid foundation to grow from and showing you the possibilities of how to increase profits, productivity, and patient satisfaction through team support and integration of sales, communication and customer service.

Techniques of understanding our patients needs, how they process information and what motivates them to invest time and money into dental health will be introduced. We will focus on how to build better relationships with patients by improving communication skills for motivating patients to accept treatment and improve their dental health. And last but not least, this course will challenge you to take a look into your own life and how you communicate and motivate yourself and others for future success at work and in your private life.

This course will challenge you to think about the following:

  • Practice Vision and Image; where am I now, where do I want to be?
  • Private vs. NHS; long term success and guarantees
  • The human side of dentistry; creating trust and loyalty
  • Effective communication; patient management
  • Selling/recommending implants - team concept
  • Discover your own individual personality type & learn your co-workers' types
  • Problem solving within the team
  • Differences between how men and women think and communicate
  • Trusting intuition and gut feeling; respecting oneself and others
  • Dentist's role and involvement (how to delegate)
  • Loving what you do
  • And much, much more!
  • 4 corner stones of a successful Implant practice; creating a solid foundation
  • Team concept of practice management; working together for success
  • Office manager's front desk duties
  • Nurse's flipchart - description of more involved role
  • 4 personality types; individual needs and wants of each type
  • Increase understanding for different perspectives
  • Optimise your communication skills with each individual type
  • NLP and our primary representations processes
  • Motivated patients and staff; team support and involvement
  • Hygienist's role and participation in the team
  • Referrals and new patients

Carole Brennan EDH Cert Ed (PCE) Dip OHE (JEB) Carole Brennan EDH Cert Ed (PCE) Dip OHE (JEB)

After qualifying as dental hygienist from the Royal Air Force School of Dental Hygiene in 1978 Carole worked in a variety of clinical settings, from Oral Surgery Department, NHS and Private practice. In 1982 she became a dental hygiene tutor at the RAF Dental Hygienist Training Flight and after taking the Queens Commission became the Officer in Charge of RAF Dental Hygienist Training involved in the development of the 'two year' dental hygiene course within the RAF.

Carole has lectured widely and published articles in the dental press. She is currently the Chairperson for the Thames Valley Regional Group of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy and continues to work in practice alongside a GDP, periodontologist, implantologist and cosmetic dentist.

Tracey Lennemann RDH BA Tracey Lennemann RDH BA

Tracey Lennemann is an international professional speaker and trainer. She has been a practising clinical dental hygienist since 1986 in the USA and in Europe.

Tracey holds an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene and BA in Dental Hygiene Washington, USA. She is a member of the ICOI, ADIA and DGOI. Tracey is Zig Zaglar Company T3 Trainer and has developed her own motivational training programmes and workshops for dental teams. Tracey is CEO of in2moton Ltd and develops individual workshops for dental practices, private continuing education programmes, Study Clubs, symposiums and dental associations. She lectures for a variety of dental companies in Europe, UK, USA and other countries internationally.